Friday, November 25, 2016

Facts DAPL Standing Rock Social Media Lies

There is a very small percentage of Native Americans that are actually from The Standing Rock Tribe that are participanting in this protest the leader of the tribe is suggesting that people leave the site and do not participate in the protest. Because it is causing friction in the community and the actions that have been caused by protesters are not what they stand for.
The violent protesters are from various areas of the country with very little education or history on events leading up to the installation of the pipeline and have no ties to The Standing Rock community and add nothing to the cause.
Then you have the paid protesters and anarchist sent here to cause harm. These  people are harbouring knives gunshots have already been fired at police and one women from Colorado was arrested for attempted murder. They have vandalized our community with graffiti and over 10 million in damages has been reported. Local ranchers whose livestock has been killed or mutilated, burned national Guard trucks, burning private farmland. Burning tires, started lighting vehicles and equipment on fire and dangerously blocking train tracks with a vechicle and trying to set it on fire. Blocking bridges and even ambulances. Stealing local ranchers cattle and the many other non-peaceful things that have been done here, sadly their peaceful message has been lost long ago. Many that come here to support the protesters end up leaving because they thought it was a peaceful protest. They are terrorizing  the local community and putting local law enforcement lives at risk by these peaceful protesters.
There are a lot of facts that lead up to the installation of this pipeline it is a real topic with real events and you can fact-check the lies expelled by social media.
The Standing Rock Tribe had the opportunity to show up at meetings over a course of several years and they did not.
Standing Rock was offered 32 million dollars to run the pipeline directly through the reservation they declined because they got greedy wanted more money. So they redirected 2 miles north of the reservation and that is where the main issue stems.
The pipeline runs 2 miles north of the reservation it is nowhere near any cemetery any sacred ground or historical artifacts. Plus, Standing Rock doesn't even get there water from the Missouri River . .. it is filtered in from a water treatment plant 70 miles aways.