Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

Because of my background I read the bible numerous times. I am not religious. I believe we need to treat everyone with respect, love, and kindness. But, as I say I am a work in progress and I always try my best to practice what I preach, always. Society believes that God has commanded parents to spank and they take “spare the rod and spoil the child” literally, but in doing so they misunderstand the concept of the rod. The Bible simply does not support spanking or abuse of any type and that includes verbal abuse. It supports holding children accountable. It supports “train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) “Training” does not mean spanking, abuse, verbal abuse, hitting, or any other form of corporal punishment.
Many parents misunderstand the concept of the rod. The Hebrew word for “rod” (shebet) The word “shebet” is most frequently used when referring to shepherds who are tending their flocks. The Shepherds used the stick to fight off prey and to gently guide wandering sheep, not to beat them. Be inspired by the word that calls for grace, gentleness, forgiveness, and love in all that you do and stop using the Bible as an excuse to spank or abuse our children.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Drama queens always the victim KGW

There are those people who love drama. Have you ever notice those who have so much drama in their lives. They have no intentions of fixing their drama filled lives. If you give one of these drama filled people any advice or you disagree with them. They will cut you out of their life just like that and find people that are willing to listen to their drama filled life. They will stab you in the back and try to assassinate your character with lies.They are always looking for sympathy and believe they are the victim. Drama filled people are masters manipulator and liars. If you want your life force sucked out of you. Drama filled people are your number choice. - Sandra Schell-Geiss

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cowards bullies mean spirit liars

The abusers and the enablers. Are trying to make me stop telling the truth about the abuse that's been going on for the last 3 years to my grand daughter. I don't care how many lawsuits that come against me. They will not take the truth or my money away. I don't bow down to bullies. One thing I have learn about bullies, they are really scared of the truth. Because they are liars and always trying to coverup that they are mean spirited, people and are cowards.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Moving To BALI

Moving To BALI - For the last 3 months I have been doing a lot of soul searching. It has been a rough 50 years. I need break, I want and will for now on live my life exactly the way I want to live it. I've been wanting to go to Bali and live there for year or so. I was going to leave my husband behind, I didn't believe he would ever leave his job. I love my husband but, I never, ever wanted to spend the rest of my life in North Dakota. I was leaving the 19th of this month. Then 2 days ago my husband came home from work early and said, are you ready to go on adventure!. I told him YES, I am going to Bali. So, the last 2 days we been talking and planning our NEW adventure in Bali. Spend a year relaxing and having fun, me making jewelry and my husband Darin writing that book he has always wanted to write. - Sandra Schell Geiss Owner of SilverSchells

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Warp Speed Born Again Dunk Me In Water Christian Stuff

I am sharing part of a conversation that I had with my son. ( To show this warp born again, dunk me in water, christian stuff is.) He is the father of my grand daughter that is being abused by the step-grand mother and she abused my youngest son when he was young. The grand father possibly molested my grand daughter. The grand father also molested his niece and the cousin of the grand father molested my son.

Plus, today I was informed my dil Kaycee has hired a lawyer, she is poor so the money is coming from somewhere else. One of the reason is to stop me from using a pic of my grand daughter that my dil made for me with my grand daughter in my fight against child abuse 2 years ago. I have recently used that picture when talking about my grand daughter be abused. I have so far refused to stop using the picture. Plus, now I know and understand why they are trying to portray me into this horrible parent. But, that is ok, I have been down this road before with my ex.

I have a very hard time trying to talk to my kids when they have this kind of mind frame. I try to use the word God in the conversation just trying to speak their warp way of thinking, it fails every time.

My dil Kaycee came from a broken family herself. One day her mom was just gone. Her mom was in abusive relationship. My dil is very vicious, she got this from her mom. I have read many texts from her mom and they are very vicious. Which has made my dil very vicious, she has constant drama in her life. She always fighting with friends, family, relatives never ending and you have to walk on egg shells so you don't make her mad or she denies you of letting you see the grand kids.

My son's health is not doing good because of the constant drama. It was the same for me when I was with the ex and when I heard she did the born again thing. Me and another son of my thought this not gonna be good. That is because we see it from the perspective of how the ex handle the whole christian thing and now the ex will and his wife will have complete control over her and she will become one of them.

My ex Dean White believes himself to be born again, dunk me in water, christian and so does his wife Carolyn White. When I was with him he was very abusive and the only way for the most part I could get to back off was keep my head in the bible. I can tell you because of that, I know the bible inside and out. But, what they are doing has nothing to do with christianity.

2 of my sons did not have to endure this type of so-called christianity. One did for a little while until he was kicked out and sent to live with me. Because my son would not conform to their christianity. So, they sent him to live with the devil me. They tried to rebuke the devil out of him. He still talks about it to this day, with much pain in his face, when he is reliving that terrible memory.

Leaving my ex was such a painful ordeal. But, my children paid the ultimate prize and now he has them doing his bidding for him and they are not in the right frame of mind to understand. My kids know the ex's wife has been abusing my grand daughter they have witness with their own eyes. The dil told me somethings and also said it creeps her out how the grand father plays with my grand daughter butt. My dil called me one time very devastated and crying. Because the step grand parent son told my dil that my 6 year old grand daughter needs a dil doe. Everything I know and reported came from my kids mouths.

The grand father and the step parent need to be locked up and my kids need help. My kids are in their 20's they have such bright futures and so do my grand children. But, as long as the hound of hells are still controlling them. I don't know what their future holds and I don't like that. So, I have to continue to fight for my grand daughter and hopefully soon the step grand parent and the grand father are behind bars. Maybe this will give my children time to heal and move on with their lives in a healthy way.

Part 2 My abusive marriage to my now ex and now my granddaughter is being abused

All of this is just plain madness, everyone suffers from any type of abuse and then you use religion, it makes it 10 times worse. I am sharing my story because this might help someone else that may be going through this or has gone through this. I do know of others who have been through similar things and this is to just let you know you are not alone.

I never shared these things before because, it sounds crazy who would believe me. Then someone shared their story and finally I felt like I am not alone and I am not crazy. -Sandra Schell-Geiss

Friday, February 5, 2016

CPS trying to scare me Hounds of Hell mini mes Drug Dealer make Threats

Hi everyone, this is me Sandra Schell-Geiss owner of SilverSchells. I did this video for a very special group I am a part of here on facebook. Where I can just be me and not be judged. I talk a little about my up bringing, my grand daughter and how my life as changed. I am tired and had been up all night because I was feeling really inspired and very grateful for my life.

I wanted to share a little update from my last blog post. DDS (CPS) in South Dakota Lying and Not Helping My Grand Daughter from the Hounds Of Hell.

I received another letter from CPS of South Dakota. This time it was from Lynee A Valenti, Cabnet Secretaty. These people don't care about the truth. Each time they contact me, I give them more information. There letter contradicts it's self. Because they lied to me in the first place and now they are lying to the Governor Daugaard to cover their butts, oh I will just say it, asses. They want me to stop contacting the Governor, I won't say everything they said in the letter right now. But, I let them know if I want to contact the Govenor of South Dakota, as matter of fact I can contact any governor of any state, the President, media, congressmen FBI etc.. Also, another entity they mentioned does not respect CPS and I let them know that. I will not stop until my daughter is safe. But, now I am learning how corrupt CPS is, like I been saying lately it needs to be crushed and exposed for the corrupt system it really is. Me and many others are sick and tried of how CPS destroys children and it time for our voices be heard. There are 10,000's of children that have been hurt by these Hound Of Hell. Oh, I know the numbers are higher then that. But, I am playing nice for now. Plus, one of my kids  reveal through a text message to me: they have people from the state willing to help them. Just as I suspected. Because the head hound grandfather called me whiskey drunk and pretty much threatened me and that he know someone in the dept. CPS as he said and to give it up.

Now, I am dealing with vicious attacks from The father and DIL of my grand daughter. Here is what I said in another blog post. The Mother of my granddaughter should be fighting for her daughter. But, instead money is influencing her decisions since I cut them off financially. She is totally reliant on the abusers for financial support. She has put money over own daughters safety and continues to subject my granddaughter to the abuse by taking her over to the abusers home. The father has completely stuck is head in the sand. ( There is nothing wrong with money. But sacrificing you integrity for money is wrong. )

Now, they are even making things worse with all the vicious attacks towards me and wanting me to die, my dil being the worse. DIL went to her drug dealer friends and lied about me. Now, apparently if I don't keep my mouth shut, I guess they are going to come after me and shut my mouth. My dil is really crossing the line now.

Dean White the head hound of hell, look what you did to your children. Because you had to try and cover up that you molested your niece and I caught you. Dean White if you truly love your children you would stop this madness. Are you going to continue to sit back and watch your children destroy themselves to cover up what you have done and are you going to continue allowing hound wife keep destroying your grand daughter with abuse just like she abused your youngest son. He always wondered why you never did anything. Will I do know you will sit back and watch your children destroy themselves. Because you tried to cover up what you did to your niece by trying to destroy me and then trying to destroy me and my children's relationship with lies.And now you might be trying to cover up again. You and your wife are cowards and bullies and now you got your son and dil acting like coward bullies. You will be exposed. I just hope and pray it is before the children destroy themselves. You didn't destroy me, my life is better then it has every been so, you lost that battle. but, instead destroyed your children and now the grand children. The light is stronger then the darkness and the light will win, it always does and that goes for you to CPS.

WARNING: The Hounds Of Hell!  is another blog post I did. The Head Hounds Of Hell "They don't only groom the child, they groom the parents,"

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life is a gift and should not be wasted.

The day I walked away from my birth family 5+ years ago. I can feel my life has changed so much. It was so toxic I didn't even give them notice, I was gone just like that. I slowly was able to start breathing again.

 I grieved the lost, became very angry at times and then finally excepted it. I don't have any hate or angry towards my birth family. I wrote my birth mother a letter and told her I forgive her for everything. I have no more hate and angry against her, It is done and over. I forgave her for myself and for her. So, maybe she could forgive herself. 

This is when my life really began. It feels like I am being re-birthed and it is kinda uncomfortable at times and sometimes it just really sucks. Learning to put the old behaviors behind and learning new and healthy behaviors can be a struggle. Along the way you lose old friends and family. They don't understand and think you crazy.

Then you learn their opinions don't matter. It's my journey and mine alone. Through this journey I am learning to love myself. Put me on top of my to do list. Learning to set healthy boundaries with others or having to walk away. It hurts a lot to walk away from people you love. But you have to do it for you and for them.

I learned to accept myself right where I am at. I can look back at my life and as painful and dark as it was I am grateful for it all. Because I have a purpose and all those things have been my lessons and teaching tools.To fulfill my purpose here on earth. Life is a gift and should not be wasted.

I don't just believe I will fulfill my purpose, I know it. I don't.t have to worry or fret how I will fulfill my purpose. Because the answers come when you are at peace with yourself and stay true to yourself. Life is amazing journey and I embrace it with love, kindness and gratitude. -Sandra Schell Geiss Picture By Energy Artist Julia