Saturday, November 21, 2015

What lie is holding us hostage?

If is often said that the truth can set you free. However, what is it
freeing one from? That question is much more difficult. It is necessary to
acknowledge none the less.

Before we can be set free, we must know what is preventing us from moving
forward: what lie is holding us hostage. We must search deep, to find the
root cause of the problem.

Sometimes, once we find that lie, it can be shocking. Trying to tackle it
can be terrifying, as often we buried it in order to protect ourselves
from the pain.

As we begin to deal with that lie, it can be upsetting. But we must
remember it isn’t wrong to be upset. It is fine to cry, to scream, to be
heard. We are humans after all.

Being humans, we need to let it out, so that we no longer blame or punish
ourselves for a pain that isn’t our fault. We have suffered enough from
the lie.

It is only by letting it out, that the truth can actually do anything. It
can reveal the lie that once held us hostage, and allow us to remove the
shackles that kept us bound.