Saturday, March 31, 2012

Special Jewelry Piece for Khloe Kardashian!

I am excited to announce SilverSchells Hand Crafted Jewelry in association with The Artisan Group. Was selected to make Khloe Kardashian! one of my jewelry pieces! Too cool, i am a huge Kardashian Fan.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 MTV Movie Awards Event Guide

Here is the finalized half-page that will be in the MTV Movie Awards Event Guide!

2012 MTV Movie Awards Event Guide Display

Here is the display that will be at the MTV Movie Awards Event!

Jewelry pieces that I will be gifting celebrities at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards!

Bohemian Asian Luminous Pendant Necklace

These pendants where inspired by both traditional Indian and dynamic bohemian style.
This memorable Asian style sometimes lies in the looks of the past.
These necklaces are constructed of copper, brass and aluminum hand sawed four-sided polygon,
One large luminous swarovski crystal and then using a Indian technique.
Then added matching chain,luminous tiny swarovski crystals on the corner of pendant.
To give this necklace that unique handmade custom designed bohemian Asian look.
Pendant 2in long and 2in wide,18in long.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A-List Celebrities Earth Day gift giving

I just had to share! I am working on some new business cards, March 24, my beautiful cousin Whitney Berg will be modeling my jewelry that I am making for 2012 MTV Movie Awards and my sister Laurie Schell Boeshans will be the photographer. I will be using the pics on my business cards and website! Now, today I found out, I have the special opportunity to get my business cards in the hands of A-List Celebrities Earth Day gift giving sponsored by The Artisan Group. Here is the list of celebrities!!-

1. Jeremy Piven 2. Tom Hanks 3. Bill Maher 4. Adrian Grenier
5. Kate Bosworth 6. P!nk 7. Leonardo DiCaprio 8. Dave Matthews
9. Rosario Dawson 10. Woody Harrelson 11. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
12. Daryl Hannah 13. Drew Barrymore 14. Ellen DeGeneres 15. Orlando Bloom 16. Jake Gyllenhaal 17. Josh Hartnett 18. Sting
19. Barbra Streisand 20. Alicia Silverstone 21. Courteney Cox
22. Cameron Diaz 23. KT Tunstall 24. Mark Ruffalo 25. Edward Norton and 5 members of the press!!