Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Killing each other by their dark secrets while keeping up the Jesus facade

They are all slowly killing each other by the dark secrets they share. They band together to make the one that shed light on their dark secret look deplorable and crazy. But everything they speak is lies and really just a reflection of themselves.
They use religion, yes, their born again Jesus facade, to hide behind and deny the truth, while evil lurks in their hearts. Proclaiming they love Jesus, not knowing GOD is love. Love does not reside in their home and heart, always fearful wondering when and will the truth be exposed.
They shamefully band together and laugh at the person who exposed the truth, while secretly loathing themselves for what they have done. Secretly they despise each other, but must band together to keep their dark secret alive and well.
The darkness follows them everywhere while they excessively drink, eat, spend money and do drugs, and the list goes on and on.
Then when darkness falls upon them, they blame it on the devil or the person who exposed the truth. And all they are merely doing is avoiding the truth, the light. The evil and darkness you talk about is in you. You are the evil, the darkness, and lies you express.
The person or light that shines the light lives in peace knowing she did the right thing. She is walking a path of love in her heart. She would never wish to live in your darkness, to be accepted and used.
Her love, peace,and happiness can't be bought with evilness and money.
She feels pity for your soul and hopes the truth will set you free one day. Until then she has to follow her own path. Darkness and light cannot coexist.
Written by Sandra Schell Geiss