Friday, March 11, 2016

First International Bank & Trust Williston North Dakota

I got a personal phone call from bank teller today to keep my mouth shut. So this is the only reason I am posting this.

A Month ago I went to First First International Bank & Trust at Cash Wise to close my husbands and my account that got hacked. I was told my husband and I would have to do this together. But my husband was able to go there and do it himself, and open a new account. I had to jump through hoops to get my name back on the account and the bank teller at Cash Wise said, your husband said he doesn't want you on the account. That made me and my husband mad. I called the head bank and talked to Amy and told her what was going on and told her we are going to close our account. She assured me this kind of incident would not happen again and reconsider closing our account and go to the main bank instead. So I went to the main bank and told them what was said, they couldn't believe it. Anyway, I got my name back on the account. So, I went back to Cash Wise bank and told the bank teller off. A Few days later my husband went to that bank and the bank teller lady took him in her little office and told on me, plus lied. My husband and I are 50 yrs old. So, we know each other pretty well. So, he knew she was lying. So again I told her off and said that was uncalled for. These incidents have been going on for A month now, we usually avoid going to the Cash Wise bank. Except for yesterday, thinking the bank teller drama queen is over it by now. No, shes still at it. My husband was getting money from the bank and this same bank teller say to him did Molly from the bank call you. This is not the first time she asked him that and the answer has always been NO. So, she calls this Molly, thinking my husband is going to stand there and wait until Molly answers the phone. Needless to say my husband walked away and left.
My husband and I have never been treated so poorly at a bank before. All because of some drama queen bank teller at First International Bank & Trust at Cash Wise. Needless to say we are closing our account. When I was at the main bank they told me they have been getting complaints about the rudeness at the Cash Wise bank.

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