Sunday, February 7, 2016

Warp Speed Born Again Dunk Me In Water Christian Stuff

I am sharing part of a conversation that I had with my son. ( To show this warp born again, dunk me in water, christian stuff is.) He is the father of my grand daughter that is being abused by the step-grand mother and she abused my youngest son when he was young. The grand father possibly molested my grand daughter. The grand father also molested his niece and the cousin of the grand father molested my son.

Plus, today I was informed my dil Kaycee has hired a lawyer, she is poor so the money is coming from somewhere else. One of the reason is to stop me from using a pic of my grand daughter that my dil made for me with my grand daughter in my fight against child abuse 2 years ago. I have recently used that picture when talking about my grand daughter be abused. I have so far refused to stop using the picture. Plus, now I know and understand why they are trying to portray me into this horrible parent. But, that is ok, I have been down this road before with my ex.

I have a very hard time trying to talk to my kids when they have this kind of mind frame. I try to use the word God in the conversation just trying to speak their warp way of thinking, it fails every time.

My dil Kaycee came from a broken family herself. One day her mom was just gone. Her mom was in abusive relationship. My dil is very vicious, she got this from her mom. I have read many texts from her mom and they are very vicious. Which has made my dil very vicious, she has constant drama in her life. She always fighting with friends, family, relatives never ending and you have to walk on egg shells so you don't make her mad or she denies you of letting you see the grand kids.

My son's health is not doing good because of the constant drama. It was the same for me when I was with the ex and when I heard she did the born again thing. Me and another son of my thought this not gonna be good. That is because we see it from the perspective of how the ex handle the whole christian thing and now the ex will and his wife will have complete control over her and she will become one of them.

My ex Dean White believes himself to be born again, dunk me in water, christian and so does his wife Carolyn White. When I was with him he was very abusive and the only way for the most part I could get to back off was keep my head in the bible. I can tell you because of that, I know the bible inside and out. But, what they are doing has nothing to do with christianity.

2 of my sons did not have to endure this type of so-called christianity. One did for a little while until he was kicked out and sent to live with me. Because my son would not conform to their christianity. So, they sent him to live with the devil me. They tried to rebuke the devil out of him. He still talks about it to this day, with much pain in his face, when he is reliving that terrible memory.

Leaving my ex was such a painful ordeal. But, my children paid the ultimate prize and now he has them doing his bidding for him and they are not in the right frame of mind to understand. My kids know the ex's wife has been abusing my grand daughter they have witness with their own eyes. The dil told me somethings and also said it creeps her out how the grand father plays with my grand daughter butt. My dil called me one time very devastated and crying. Because the step grand parent son told my dil that my 6 year old grand daughter needs a dil doe. Everything I know and reported came from my kids mouths.

The grand father and the step parent need to be locked up and my kids need help. My kids are in their 20's they have such bright futures and so do my grand children. But, as long as the hound of hells are still controlling them. I don't know what their future holds and I don't like that. So, I have to continue to fight for my grand daughter and hopefully soon the step grand parent and the grand father are behind bars. Maybe this will give my children time to heal and move on with their lives in a healthy way.

Part 2 My abusive marriage to my now ex and now my granddaughter is being abused

All of this is just plain madness, everyone suffers from any type of abuse and then you use religion, it makes it 10 times worse. I am sharing my story because this might help someone else that may be going through this or has gone through this. I do know of others who have been through similar things and this is to just let you know you are not alone.

I never shared these things before because, it sounds crazy who would believe me. Then someone shared their story and finally I felt like I am not alone and I am not crazy. -Sandra Schell-Geiss

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