Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life is a gift and should not be wasted.

The day I walked away from my birth family 5+ years ago. I can feel my life has changed so much. It was so toxic I didn't even give them notice, I was gone just like that. I slowly was able to start breathing again.

 I grieved the lost, became very angry at times and then finally excepted it. I don't have any hate or angry towards my birth family. I wrote my birth mother a letter and told her I forgive her for everything. I have no more hate and angry against her, It is done and over. I forgave her for myself and for her. So, maybe she could forgive herself. 

This is when my life really began. It feels like I am being re-birthed and it is kinda uncomfortable at times and sometimes it just really sucks. Learning to put the old behaviors behind and learning new and healthy behaviors can be a struggle. Along the way you lose old friends and family. They don't understand and think you crazy.

Then you learn their opinions don't matter. It's my journey and mine alone. Through this journey I am learning to love myself. Put me on top of my to do list. Learning to set healthy boundaries with others or having to walk away. It hurts a lot to walk away from people you love. But you have to do it for you and for them.

I learned to accept myself right where I am at. I can look back at my life and as painful and dark as it was I am grateful for it all. Because I have a purpose and all those things have been my lessons and teaching tools.To fulfill my purpose here on earth. Life is a gift and should not be wasted.

I don't just believe I will fulfill my purpose, I know it. I don't.t have to worry or fret how I will fulfill my purpose. Because the answers come when you are at peace with yourself and stay true to yourself. Life is amazing journey and I embrace it with love, kindness and gratitude. -Sandra Schell Geiss Picture By Energy Artist Julia

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