Friday, February 5, 2016

CPS trying to scare me Hounds of Hell mini mes Drug Dealer make Threats

Hi everyone, this is me Sandra Schell-Geiss owner of SilverSchells. I did this video for a very special group I am a part of here on facebook. Where I can just be me and not be judged. I talk a little about my up bringing, my grand daughter and how my life as changed. I am tired and had been up all night because I was feeling really inspired and very grateful for my life.

I wanted to share a little update from my last blog post. DDS (CPS) in South Dakota Lying and Not Helping My Grand Daughter from the Hounds Of Hell.

I received another letter from CPS of South Dakota. This time it was from Lynee A Valenti, Cabnet Secretaty. These people don't care about the truth. Each time they contact me, I give them more information. There letter contradicts it's self. Because they lied to me in the first place and now they are lying to the Governor Daugaard to cover their butts, oh I will just say it, asses. They want me to stop contacting the Governor, I won't say everything they said in the letter right now. But, I let them know if I want to contact the Govenor of South Dakota, as matter of fact I can contact any governor of any state, the President, media, congressmen FBI etc.. Also, another entity they mentioned does not respect CPS and I let them know that. I will not stop until my daughter is safe. But, now I am learning how corrupt CPS is, like I been saying lately it needs to be crushed and exposed for the corrupt system it really is. Me and many others are sick and tried of how CPS destroys children and it time for our voices be heard. There are 10,000's of children that have been hurt by these Hound Of Hell. Oh, I know the numbers are higher then that. But, I am playing nice for now. Plus, one of my kids  reveal through a text message to me: they have people from the state willing to help them. Just as I suspected. Because the head hound grandfather called me whiskey drunk and pretty much threatened me and that he know someone in the dept. CPS as he said and to give it up.

Now, I am dealing with vicious attacks from The father and DIL of my grand daughter. Here is what I said in another blog post. The Mother of my granddaughter should be fighting for her daughter. But, instead money is influencing her decisions since I cut them off financially. She is totally reliant on the abusers for financial support. She has put money over own daughters safety and continues to subject my granddaughter to the abuse by taking her over to the abusers home. The father has completely stuck is head in the sand. ( There is nothing wrong with money. But sacrificing you integrity for money is wrong. )

Now, they are even making things worse with all the vicious attacks towards me and wanting me to die, my dil being the worse. DIL went to her drug dealer friends and lied about me. Now, apparently if I don't keep my mouth shut, I guess they are going to come after me and shut my mouth. My dil is really crossing the line now.

Dean White the head hound of hell, look what you did to your children. Because you had to try and cover up that you molested your niece and I caught you. Dean White if you truly love your children you would stop this madness. Are you going to continue to sit back and watch your children destroy themselves to cover up what you have done and are you going to continue allowing hound wife keep destroying your grand daughter with abuse just like she abused your youngest son. He always wondered why you never did anything. Will I do know you will sit back and watch your children destroy themselves. Because you tried to cover up what you did to your niece by trying to destroy me and then trying to destroy me and my children's relationship with lies.And now you might be trying to cover up again. You and your wife are cowards and bullies and now you got your son and dil acting like coward bullies. You will be exposed. I just hope and pray it is before the children destroy themselves. You didn't destroy me, my life is better then it has every been so, you lost that battle. but, instead destroyed your children and now the grand children. The light is stronger then the darkness and the light will win, it always does and that goes for you to CPS.

WARNING: The Hounds Of Hell!  is another blog post I did. The Head Hounds Of Hell "They don't only groom the child, they groom the parents,"

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