Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WARNING: The Hounds Of Hell!

WARNING The Hounds Of Hell: Since I started speaking out on child abuse. The abuse I endured and the abuse my grand daughter now going through. These hounds of hell are starting to show up on this page and I am sorry for that everyone. I am banning them all. I WILL NOT STOP SPEAKING OUT!!

Many times when you expose abusers all the hounds gather to protect the head hounds. I use to get upset in the being. Not anymore, since I understand the why. Here is a post I posted earlier that explains it very well, here it is: A victim’s silence isn’t good for anyone. Those types of secrets are destructive to everyone who keeps them. TRUTH doesn’t destroy families and it doesn’t even destroy the abuser.

 For incest to occur in a family, it takes more than just an abuser and a victim. It’s part of an entire dysfunctional system. Exposing abuse gives the entire family an opportunity to heal and to learn Unfortunately, when most families are confronted with the truth they don’t choose to heal. Instead, they blame the victim so they can continue in their dysfunctional ways. People don’t want to face their own internal demons so they demonize whoever triggers them. Christina Enevoldsen 

The Head Hounds Of Hell "They don't only groom the child, they groom the parents," Research on the "bystander effect," the surprising fact that many people will stand by while terrible things happen, suggests that when something horrible occurs, people often go into a kind of denial, thinking that if it were really this bad, somebody else would be stopping it,
(Involving other friends makes the bystander effect worse, in fact, by diffusing the sense of responsibility to do something.)

"It's that crisis, split-second sort of quality," "Here this thing happens that's almost impossible to believe,and you're paralyzed for a while as to what to do. … In these kinds of crisis situations, delay is tantamount to not helping.

Your opportunity is right there, to help, to stop it, and then you delay, you walk out and it's all kind of over." The Hounds Of Hell can keep attacking. But, I will not stop fighting for my grand daughter. I would never forgive myself if I did. All Hounds Of Hell Post Your Comments Below:

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