Monday, January 25, 2016

My Dear Children Save Your Daughter From The Hounds Of Hell

Dear Children, I have only spoken the truth. The things that are happening to your daughter are from what all you kids have told me. This all started when I took my son to the Mayo Clinic, Remember? That is when my precious grand daughter told me what step grand mother did to her.

I didn't know what to do with that information at first so, I kept it to myself. Then I decided to tell another one of my sons what my grand daughter had said to me. This is when the other son and dil told me what they had witness. That is when you my dear son told me somethings and your wife is very outspoken about many things. So, I learn a lot from her. I am trying to not go into much detail here.

The head hound of hell has been grooming you guys since you where young, against me. To keep you in the dark about what I know about him molested his niece. He has been deceiving you kids and his wife and has caused so much confusion in everyone and I can see it in your eyes.

I have tried to tell you guys the truth so many times. But, I could see you where not going to believe me. Because you all either dance around the truth, acted like you don't remember or blame it on someone else. I very well see that the mother of my grand daughter is taking a lot of heat. That just keeps the focus off the head hound of hell. This family doesn't know how to deal with things. Because you where groom to blame someone else for everything and no one takes responsibility for there own actions, definitely learned behavior.

What the Hound of hell wife has done is the same. You know the abuse that the younger brother went through by the hound wife. Plus, blaming him for her drinking etc... Now, that the young son is not in her grip the focus is on my grand daughter. You see, the hound of hell wife has never had any right to talk about me the way she did, she doesn't know me. All she knows is what the head hound of hell told her and that is it. And so that is how she got her perception of who I am.

Mother of grand daughter you told me some disturbing things about the head hound of hell. At first I did not want to believe it and it made me remember his niece and the things he did to her where the same thing he did to his niece. That was a very dark painful memory to have to remember and to think he was doing this to my grand daughter is still unbearable and I don't want it to be the truth.

But, the head hound of hell and wife have groomed you so well that I just didn't stand a chance, where I could be honest with you guys and that became obvious with trying to get the second brother to see the truth.

So I had to go it alone. I can't and won't let the head hound and his wife destroy my family. You might think I am the one destroying the family by speaking out and now none of you are talking to me. No, this is what I expected. When we don't want to hear the truth, the one telling the truth usually gets ostracized for it.

But, at one point I was so confused because of all the things you guys where telling me and then you started deny it and acting like you never said those things and dance around the truth to not except the truth. I was starting to wonder if they are lying to me about this and this is causing me so much heartache. I said, I don't think I can forgive them for putting me through this and I don't think I can every be able to believe a word they are saying every again and I just don't want to be around them anymore. But, I get it now.

We all have rolls in the family and my was to keep my mouth shut. You guys are not in a good place and you are all living in a fog of confusion and denial. So, I am standing in the gap and going/am do the right thing for you guys and break the cycle of this madness. So, one day you can have that joy, peace and happiness you all deserve. You all deserve better and are worthy and you are blessed even tho you might not see it right now.

The head hound of hell and his wife, the day of reckoning has come up them and they will not get away with destroying my family anymore. There is nothing anyone can do to change it. If you want to call it karma, then we can call it karma. It was going to happen sooner or later and it is finally happening. I have been praying for this for a long time. You know how hard is to see your kids suffer because of lies, it been so awful and at times hard to bear.

Like I said in one of my blog posts : The Head Hounds Of Hell "They don't only groom the child, they groom the parents," Research on the "bystander effect," the surprising fact that many people will stand by while terrible things happen, suggests that when something horrible occurs, people often go into a kind of denial, thinking that if it were really this bad, somebody else would be stopping it,
(Involving other friends makes the bystander effect worse, in fact, by diffusing the sense of responsibility to do something.)

To my dil, your so called friend is not a real friend, I see right through her. Like I told her
Hound Hag - You are fighting a cause you know nothing about to inflate your own ego and to get your 2 seconds of fame. All she doing is making thing worse for you guys, that is all. She is feeding of your pain and this gives her great joy. Plus, when your friend said, I know more about what is going on then you do, to me. I got the message loud and clear and I am prepared for it and I am ready.

One more thing, when you are children and when you start to grow-up and you can look back and say if only if I had know what I know now I would of done things differently. Well, I am 50 years old and you all are in your 20's so I have more experience in life then you. So, I get it.

Love you all very much and there is nothing that will make me hate you guys every. You have all done the best you could with the cards you been dealt with.

Love, Mom

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