Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My art is apart of who I am

I want to share how I almost let someone interfere with my dream. I would share this picture on my personal FB page when my mother-in-law would come to town to visit. I would say this every time. "Oh oh! Mother-in-law is coming to town." My mother-in-law never liked me much. So, when I started my jewelry business she seemed supportive at first. But, that changed real fast. When my husband would talk to her on the phone he would brag about how I was making jewelry for this actress or that actress and it gave me some really great opportunities to get my jewelry out there! But, I had this feeling he probably shouldn't because she likes to be the center of attention. But, I know now my husband can brag about his wife all he wants! Then one weekend she came to visit. It was almost liked she had it rehearsed. Instantly she said sternly, go get your jewelry so I can see it. So, I grab one of my containers so she could look at it. She had this ugly face and it was like she was snarly and saying I don't see anything I like and on and on. It broke my spirit, my jewelry, my art was the only thing that I ever had any confidence in. I started to become very depressed and making jewelry would cause me a lot of stress. Always wondering are they going to like it, what if they don't etc...I slowly started make less and sometimes I just wouldn't post it. Then finally it was making me sick to even make anything. I was still trying to press through. But, it just wasn't the same. But, that has all changed. I am working on get everything organized, new website, working on a new technique that I always wanted to etc.. I want to create Master Pieces and I WILL!! I learned a lot from that experience and I am now grateful for the lesson. I don't hate her anymore. But, I will never want to be around her again. And my husband let my mother-in-law know that she is not welcome in our home anymore! I will never allow anyone to every interfere in my dream ever again. My art is apart of who I am!

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