Thursday, January 28, 2016

DDS (CPS) in South Dakota Lying and Not Helping My Grand Daughter from the Hounds Of Hell.

I had contacted Lori Frederick Supervisor from DDS ( CPS ) in Deadwood South Dakota. It was at the end of Nov 2015. About my grand daughter being abused by the step-grand mother and possible be molested by the grand father.
With in a week they sent me a letter saying they investigated and had no concerns. I called CPS and said you are lying because you never contacted any witness.

As I gave them more information I would receive another letter within days. Saying the same thing. So, I decided to contact the Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota. Governor Dennis Daugaard made CPS turn the information over to someone that actually could help. ( But, still crossing fingers that they can actually help ). So from my understanding Lori Frederick Supervisor from DDS ( CPS ) was made to contact the witness. But, she only contacted 1 of them and the witness told them what they knew. But, then Lori Frederick Supervisor from DDS ( CPS ) told me that she asked the witness " Do you believe she is in present danger" witness said " I don't think so." You see the witness lives in a different state and the witness told what they witness while on vacation and would spend  a week staying with the abusers of my grand daughter.

Abusers don't abuse or molested just for a little while and then it is all over. Honestly how stupid thinking is that. “Attitudes and ignorance” about (any type of) abuse can be passed down through the generations. The step- grand mother was abused growing up and abused my youngest son for years and his own father never did anything.  The grand father and his sister where molested by their own brother and later on, I caught the grand father my ex molesting his niece.

My grand daughter and her brother. From what I was told by 2 of my children that my grand daughter and her brother spend more time with the abusers then they do with the parents.  The witness and his wife where going to call CPS themselves because of what they had witness. Also, my dil (witness) had graduated from college to become a grade school teacher. They are to taught to recognizes the signs of what they call mental health problems.

While I was visiting my kids of my grand daughter. They told me they had a meeting with the school because my grand daughter metal health issues. So, I thought I could voice my concerns with the school and they begged me to call CPS. Because they could not do nothing. They said it was because they are a third party.

Lori Frederick Supervisor from DDS ( CPS ) in Dead South Dakota.  Might have a college degree to become a social worker. But, knows nothing about child abuse and doesn't know how to investigated. I can't even get Lori Frederick Supervisor from DDS ( CPS ) in Dead South Dakota. to talk to me now, I know it is personal with her. Because, I called her out on her lying about how she lied about investigating.
I've tried to talk to someone else from  DDS ( CPS ) in Dead South Dakota. But, apparently it has to go Lori Frederick Supervisor through DDS ( CPS ) in Dead South Dakota and she quickly sends me a letter. Well they don't even bother with sending letters anymore.

So, I contacted Governor Dennis Daugaard of South Dakota with my concerns. Now, just waiting for response and if I don't receive a response soon, I will call him.

So, in the mean time I have talked to  Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas, Author of the Protect Our Kids Act and Congressman Dave Camp of Michigan, Author of the Protect Our Kids Act. I will not stop until my grand daughter is safe and away from the hounds of hell.

My dil and son could easily end this by removing my grand daughter from the hounds of hell. Like I said in an early blog post. The Mother of my granddaughter should be fighting for her daughter. But, instead money is influencing her decisions since I cut them off financially. She is totally reliant on the abusers for financial support. She has put money over own daughters safety and continues to subject my granddaughter to the abuse by taking her over to the abusers home. The father has completely stuck is head in the sand and also in another blog post I explain what the hounds of hell are how they groom the children and parents. 

And another thing that concerns me is the Head Hound of Hell - the grand father has called me when he is whiskey drunk and making threats and telling me to give it up because he knows someone in the dept. of DDS (CPS ) in Dead South Dakota.

Here is more information of the Protect Our Kids Act:

 “We are aware that there are so many, many children across the country who lose their lives or are permanently scarred by abuse from a caretaker. We know that there are many reasons why this happens — our goal must be to improve our understanding of these causes and what we can do to prevent this kind of maltreatment of children. The Protect Our Kids Act will help provide thoughtful consideration of the steps we can take to better protect vulnerable children. Working together in a bipartisan way, we can make meaningful progress on this troubling issue.”
-Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas, Author of the Protect Our Kids Act 
“Far too many children die each year as a result of abuse and neglect. As an attorney who formerly handled child welfare issues, I’ve worked throughout my time in Congress to reduce tragedies like this. Despite much progress, there is still more we can do to help children in need. That’s why I’m proud to have worked with Representative Doggett and others to pass the bipartisan Protect our Kids Act, which has brought together experts to develop a comprehensive national strategy to reduce these tragedies. I hope that by working together we can take important steps forward to prevent the tragic deaths of too many of our nation’s children.”
-Congressman Dave Camp of Michigan, Author of the Protect Our Kids Act

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