Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Grand Daughter Irene Deserves Better!!!

I am fighting a HUGE battle right now and it is taking a toll on my health.I am sharing this not for anyone to feel sorry for me. Because I am NOT feeling sorry for myself. I am just pissed. Some might think this should be a private matter. Well child abuse is NOT a private matter. The ex Dean White's wife Carolyn White has been abusing my grand daughter, just like she abused my youngest son Dylan White. Yes, we have the proof! Then my dil Kaycee Jay White told me and son Derek White was sitting right next to her when she said that. She said she is creep-ed out by the why Dean White plays with my grand daughter's, her daughters butt. This I have know idea if it true or not. But, Dean White was molesting my niece Brittney, that is why I finally left .So, that is why I don't  know if this is true or not. My dil Kaycee Jay White has away with manipulating and lying to people. So, that is why I don't know if this just another lie. It is a sick lie if she is lying! So, all of this eating me up. So, I HAVE to do something. If  Dean White hasn't done this he has nothing to worry about. Dean White's hate for me is stronger then is love for his children and he is destroying their lives and now my grand childrens. I am pissed!! My 2 youngest children HATE me and they are lying about me. Even though they KNOW the truth. I will NOT set back and watch my family be destroyed by this evil monster Dean White anymore. Call me crazy or what not! You damn right I am crazy anybody would be going crazy if they had to deal with this shit. But, I WILL not be silent anymore. PERIOD!! Sincerely, one crazy mama!!!! This picture is my grand daughter Irene posing for my campaign against child abuse. Who new she was going to be abused. I love her so,so,so, much and this breaking my heart!

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  1. Irene does deserve better. Better from you that is. She is perfectly fine and well taken care of here but you are lying about her for your own selfish reasons. You are hurting her and your kids with this. Your mad at dad and your taking it out on us like you've done all our lives. You don't care about how we feel or what you are putting us through as long as you get what you want, and that's to hurt and "get back at" our dad. My daughter cried the other night cause she don't remember who you are and thinks your some mean lady trying to take her away. She is afraid now of someone coming by and stealing her away. Do you feel good about that. You claim to want to help her, but you made up these utterly ridiculous lies and are hurting her. But you don't care about her. You do t care about us. You just care about hurting people to make yourself feel better. The truth will come out and you will be fucked.


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