Sunday, December 13, 2015

Give Away WINNERS! DEC.11th 2015

I just couldn't pick 10 winners! So, everyone will receive a copy! It comes in a PDF file, tablet or e-reader version. I can send 10 PDF files right away to the first 10 people. Then I need to order 10 more. I will need 3 or 4 days to send the rest. You can contact me here FaceBook messenger or send email to: I will reply to either to send PDF file or let you know it will take 3 or 4 days for all other requests. I am excited to be able to send each and everyone a copy of this life changing book!!
 Kelsie LaRae
 Kami Williams
 Norma Cuji 
 Pam Dickson
 JimmiSue Blalock-Price
 Vernell Jesusismysavior Foster
 Kathy Clevenger Wright
 Brenda Brown
 Yessica Ponce
 Cathi Links Fisher
 Denise Mcdonald 
 Nancy B Isom
 Brenda Hill
 Tara Becker
 Carol Machado 
Verna J Erskine
 Rita Cook
 Nikkie Sutherland
 Joyce Gomez
 Ava J Vranish
 Catie Affleck
 Loann Hardy
 Tammy Wright
 Kathy Clevenger Wright

Congratulations Everyone! You all deserve the BEST and you are WORTHY of greatness!

This is a book It comes in a PDF file, tablet or e-reader version. The information is priceless! I am going to give 10 of these away. This can be a gift for you or someone you love. If you have lost hope. Because of what you endure as a child. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse or PTSD and you have tried everything and nothing has work. This book will transform your life, it did mine. Darlene Ouimet has such great in sight! It saved my life!

 You can find Darlene Ouimet Emerging from Broken
Here> and you can find my story Here>

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