Thursday, August 6, 2015

get over it

“get over it” I find instructions and directives like that demeaning, as though these people are inferring that I am incompetent, and that I have made the wrong choice where my own feelings are concerned. Being told to “just get over it” is devaluing.
Until I learned that I do have rights, that I am as equally valuable as everyone else and that I AM ALLOWED to and NEED TO feel the pain of the past and get angry about it SO THAT I COULD “get over it” (which is how I am getting over it) but until I embraced those truths, I was stuck in the sick dysfunctional system.
The fact is, none of us can control what other people think or say. The only thing that we can control is whether we want to accept it or not. It’s difficult, yes, to choose to take my time in recovery…but I’ve not regretted it. In fact, at times I feel that I’m actually doing better than people who claim they are “normal”.

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