Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You are a mighty WARRIOR!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share something to all of you who have been victims of abuse physically, emotionally and mentally. You are NOT a victim and you are more then a survivor. You are a mighty WARRIOR! You have so much strength, courage and love inside of you to have gone through what you have or what you maybe still going through. Those abusers are weak cowards and bullies and they actually think they are the victims and they will do anything to keep you in their fog of confusion. So, you don't see that courage and strength you have inside you. Don't label yourself as a victim anymore, They don't deserve your courage and strength. Go be the person you where always meant to be. You deserve the best, you are worthy and you are blessed! - Sandra Schell Geiss

Jesus is the reason for every season in your life!

MY CHRISTMAS WISH FOR ALL OF YOU: You here the quote, Jesus is the reason for the season! But, I am here to tell you, Jesus is the reason for every season in your life! You are not here to just survive and then die. You are here to THRIVE and shine that bright light you have inside. You are WORTHY of all good things. Your past does not define who you are. Your past and your mess is here to teach and bless you! So, you can be a shining bright light for the world to see. If you feel like you can't handle what is going on in your life right now. Give it to God and he will take whatever is going on in your life and turn it into the greatest BLESSING you have every seen. God will turn your sadness into JOY. You will then start to know the joy, peace and and happiness you been searching for your entire life! You will then be able to live in a constant attitude of gratefulness and love. The angry, hate, shame, guilt and self hatred you have in your heart will going away and will be replaced with LOVE! Because you are loved, you are worthy, you are blessed! You have a wonderful story to share and world needs to hear your story. Speak your truth!! ‪#‎happiness‬
Child artist Akiane Kramarik. At age 4, Akiane painted her vision of Jesus Christ. Akiane's image, titled The Prince of Peace, was featured in Heaven Is for Real Movie! -Sandra Schell Geiss and Jesus

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Give Away WINNERS! DEC.11th 2015

I just couldn't pick 10 winners! So, everyone will receive a copy! It comes in a PDF file, tablet or e-reader version. I can send 10 PDF files right away to the first 10 people. Then I need to order 10 more. I will need 3 or 4 days to send the rest. You can contact me here FaceBook messenger or send email to: silverschells@gmail.com I will reply to either to send PDF file or let you know it will take 3 or 4 days for all other requests. I am excited to be able to send each and everyone a copy of this life changing book!!
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Congratulations Everyone! You all deserve the BEST and you are WORTHY of greatness!

This is a book It comes in a PDF file, tablet or e-reader version. The information is priceless! I am going to give 10 of these away. This can be a gift for you or someone you love. If you have lost hope. Because of what you endure as a child. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse or PTSD and you have tried everything and nothing has work. This book will transform your life, it did mine. Darlene Ouimet has such great in sight! It saved my life!

 You can find Darlene Ouimet Emerging from Broken
Here> https://www.facebook.com/emergingfrombroken/?fref=ts and you can find my story Here> http://silverschells.blogspot.com/2013/08/part-1-abuse-endured-in-my-childhood.htm

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Grand Daughter Irene Deserves Better!!!

I am fighting a HUGE battle right now and it is taking a toll on my health.I am sharing this not for anyone to feel sorry for me. Because I am NOT feeling sorry for myself. I am just pissed. Some might think this should be a private matter. Well child abuse is NOT a private matter. The ex Dean White's wife Carolyn White has been abusing my grand daughter, just like she abused my youngest son Dylan White. Yes, we have the proof! Then my dil Kaycee Jay White told me and son Derek White was sitting right next to her when she said that. She said she is creep-ed out by the why Dean White plays with my grand daughter's, her daughters butt. This I have know idea if it true or not. But, Dean White was molesting my niece Brittney, that is why I finally left .So, that is why I don't  know if this is true or not. My dil Kaycee Jay White has away with manipulating and lying to people. So, that is why I don't know if this just another lie. It is a sick lie if she is lying! So, all of this eating me up. So, I HAVE to do something. If  Dean White hasn't done this he has nothing to worry about. Dean White's hate for me is stronger then is love for his children and he is destroying their lives and now my grand childrens. I am pissed!! My 2 youngest children HATE me and they are lying about me. Even though they KNOW the truth. I will NOT set back and watch my family be destroyed by this evil monster Dean White anymore. Call me crazy or what not! You damn right I am crazy anybody would be going crazy if they had to deal with this shit. But, I WILL not be silent anymore. PERIOD!! Sincerely, one crazy mama!!!! This picture is my grand daughter Irene posing for my campaign against child abuse. Who new she was going to be abused. I love her so,so,so, much and this breaking my heart!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

What lie is holding us hostage?

If is often said that the truth can set you free. However, what is it
freeing one from? That question is much more difficult. It is necessary to
acknowledge none the less.

Before we can be set free, we must know what is preventing us from moving
forward: what lie is holding us hostage. We must search deep, to find the
root cause of the problem.

Sometimes, once we find that lie, it can be shocking. Trying to tackle it
can be terrifying, as often we buried it in order to protect ourselves
from the pain.

As we begin to deal with that lie, it can be upsetting. But we must
remember it isn’t wrong to be upset. It is fine to cry, to scream, to be
heard. We are humans after all.

Being humans, we need to let it out, so that we no longer blame or punish
ourselves for a pain that isn’t our fault. We have suffered enough from
the lie.

It is only by letting it out, that the truth can actually do anything. It
can reveal the lie that once held us hostage, and allow us to remove the
shackles that kept us bound.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We were just innocent little kids.

  "I have a right to be angry. I was a kid, I was a person, I was a woman, I was stripped of my childhood and my right to equal value. I was harmed, I was not protected from harm, and people targeted their frustrations and anger at me. I was not permitted to have feelings. My parents invalidated me as well and they defended abusers. I think that being angry is understandable. I think that in cases like this, anger IS justified. Darlene Ouimet http://emergingfrombroken.com/is-there-such-a-thing-as-justifiable-anger-for-victims-of-child-abuse/

It is not only dysfunctional, it is ridiculous to maintain that what happened in our childhood did not affect our adult life. Our hearts were broken, our spirit's wounded, our minds programmed dysfunctionally. The choices we have made as adults were made in reaction to our childhood wounds / programming - our lives have been dictated by our wounded inner children.
It is impossible to Truly love the adult that we are without owning the child that we were. In order to do that we need to detach from our inner process (and stop the disease from abusing us) so that we can have some objectivity and discernment that will allow us to have compassion for our own childhood wounds. Then we need to grieve those wounds and own our right to be angry about what happened to us in childhood - so that we can Truly know in our gut that it wasn't our fault - we were just innocent little kids. - Robert Burney Picture by Elizabeth White my DIL

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

get over it

“get over it” I find instructions and directives like that demeaning, as though these people are inferring that I am incompetent, and that I have made the wrong choice where my own feelings are concerned. Being told to “just get over it” is devaluing.
Until I learned that I do have rights, that I am as equally valuable as everyone else and that I AM ALLOWED to and NEED TO feel the pain of the past and get angry about it SO THAT I COULD “get over it” (which is how I am getting over it) but until I embraced those truths, I was stuck in the sick dysfunctional system.
The fact is, none of us can control what other people think or say. The only thing that we can control is whether we want to accept it or not. It’s difficult, yes, to choose to take my time in recovery…but I’ve not regretted it. In fact, at times I feel that I’m actually doing better than people who claim they are “normal”.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Honor - not every parent qualifies.

First, if you look at the biblical definition for "mother and father" you will see not every parent qualifies. The root to the words basically refer to those who nurture, love, protect and care for. Second, you cannot take this out of the overall context of scripture. God does not tell us to allow evil to thrive. Nor does he want us to remain abused. In comparison scripture tells us to give extra honor to those who preach and teach, yet Jesus openly berated the pharisees who were teachers/preachers but who did evil. Honoring comes in many forms, but cannot co-exist with no accountability. We do not honor by turning a blind eye to abuse. That is called enabling and it devalues, it doesn't honor.

13-Year-Old Girl Committed Suicide After Her Father Publicly Shamed Her On The Internet.

So sad, 13-Year-Old Girl Committed Suicide After Her Father Publicly Shamed Her On The Internet. When I first seen the video I was shocked and said who does this??
We read headlines about cyberbullying, sexting, and online predators that threaten to put our children’s privacy at risk… but lately many parents have begun to harness the power of social media to put their children front and center: as a form of punishment.

“Shaming is is not a form of discipline, it is a form of emotional abuse and until we understand that, we will continue to do a great injustice to our children.

He and everyone else who pulls this public humiliation  ought to be charged with abuse, and if they can't be, the laws need to be revised to fit the changing times. Hope he learned his lesson, what her dad did is a 100% reason why she killed herself.

Only a fool or someone who is ignorant of child-rearing would look at this story and shift all the blame on the kid or conclude that this was just a loving, caring father who is being unfairly maligned for merely trying to discipline his daughter.

"Kids are the only people in the world we’re allowed to hit," Louis C.K. lamented in his 2010 comedy special, Hilarious. "They’re the most vulnerable, and they’re the most destroyed by being hit, but it’s totally okay to hit them."

If you shouldn’t hit a fellow adult, you shouldn’t hit a child. If you shouldn’t shame a friend then don’t shame your children. Simple as that! IMHO

Thursday, June 4, 2015

WHY your breakthrough will always come right in the middle of the fire & the storm by Sandi Krakowski

WHY your breakthrough will always come right in the middle of the fire & the storm! Every single time, the clouds get darker, the stress gets thicker and the fear gets fierce! 
I'm convinced that the breakthrough we need in our lives always comes when we're ready to quit, give up, do the 'rational' thing and give up our faith.
It takes faith to walk out your dreams, when your bank account doesn't match your desires. It takes faith to stay in a relationship, when your heart is growing weary and doesn't see change. It takes faith to walk out love when we feel fear and darkness.
But it is always right in the MIDDLE of that storm that breakthrough shines through! See More...