Friday, June 13, 2014

My Passion for Jewelry Turn into a Business

About four years ago I decided to turn my passion for jewelry into a business. I told myself, this time I will not let anyone or anything get in my way of my dream. As I began initiating a lifestyle shift, I started gaining strength, self-belief, confidence and freedom and its was a awesome feeling. Then the time came I had to make a decision to remove all perceivable negative influences - or anyone derailing me from my true passion and dream. But once in a rare while I'll be surprised by an intensely negative situation - and my confidence stumbles. I used to apologize for existing - I lived under this misconception for a long time, and a lot of small-minded people took advantage of it. As they took advantage of it, the more I apologized for existing! So you can see the vicious cycle this became until one day I had enough! I put my foot down and started the long walk towards independence and self worth. I'm still on that journey today, and figuring things out as I go. Mistakes may happen, and imperfection is inevitable, but I will not be silenced by naysayers, abusers, or limited thinkers - Fitting in a false format, agreeing to blah and staying silent serves no one, and not what I'm about anymore. It's been quite the life changing journey, subtle at first but it does make a big difference overall!

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