Thursday, November 7, 2013

The inspiration for my Magical Fairy Wings In A Nutshell!

The inspiration for my Magical Fairy Wings In A Nutshell first came to me when I was a young girl. When Christmas time would come around, we would always have walnuts, as well as other nuts, around the house. The first time I cracked a walnut perfectly down the middle, I was fascinated and thought to myself that I could actually hide little objects in there and no one would know. To them, it would appear to be just a walnut. Being 8 years old at the time, I thought this was a great idea. So I began hiding little trinkets inside the empty shell, and glue them shut. I would then place them in my jewelry box. Naturally, I figured I could also hide pieces of jewelry inside these shells as well. Later on, I would enjoy cracking open the shells and seeing what I had previously hide in each shell.
40 years later, I came across a site with beautiful fairies, which were produced by Emma Marlow. Fairies were another thing that I have loved since childhood, and the mental cogs began moving. The card that comes with the Magical Fairy Wings In A Nutshell was inspired by some old Norse folk lore about Ash Yggdrasi. There are many different fork lore in regards to this. So I decided to create a Jewelry piece around this theme. I asked Emma Marlow if she could make a business card size, with the beautiful fairy. This was around a year ago, and then I let the idea sit for awhile. I did not want to produce this until I found the perfect set of fairy wings. As often happens, I then became busy and forgot about the idea. Then recently, I happened across a site with the perfect fairy wings, and my previous design popped back into mind.
So that is how the Magical Fairy Wings In A Nutshell came about.