Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GBK 2012 PRIMETIME EMMYS Gift Lounge celebrity gift

SilverSchells Hand Crafted Jewelry will be featured at the GBK 2012 PRIMETIME EMMYS Gift Lounge (swag bags). 100 of my jewelry pieces will go to a variety of celebrities Plus, I will have display piece for photo ops.
This piece was Created for GBK 2012 Primetime Emmy's Gift Lounge (swag bags).
(left)This Mystic Moon Catcher crystal gunmetal necklace Large pendant catches the light beautifully and creates brilliant rainbows,and brings positive energy!
The crystals catch the dimmest of light and are truly an eye catcher.
(right) Kashmiri beaded necklace will definitely grab the attention of everyone. With it's unique designs and colors and give attention grabbing look to your jewelry. Unique beads add charm to your reminiscences and make them more beautiful and memorable

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